• Bushprint Africa
    Bushprint is the only animal gallery in the world based at the Kruger International Airport in Mpumulanga, South Africa. Gillie Photography is thrilled to present this product offering.
  • Gillie Airborne
    One’s perspective on everything completely changes from above the ground. These gallery’s showcase airborne photography. In addition, Gillie Airborne offers a variety of airborne services, contact us today to find out more.
  • Sportshub
    There are many professional and semi-professional photographers out every weekend photographing sporting events across the country. Sports Hub will become a focal point for approved photographers to make the photos available to the general public.
  • Landscapes
    There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives. - Josephine Heart
  • Fine Art
    For art to retain or accumulate intrinsic value it must be unique, or must come from a unique set. This category showcases beautifully presented limited edition works.
  • Prints For Sale
    Get your own piece of art. Today!


I am a photographer I capture emotions.

Born in Sydney, Australia in 1964, Mark spent his formative years growing up in Adelaide, South Australia. Later in life, as a career mining executive, Mark’s extensively travelled the globe for 30 years and lived for over 20 years on the African continent.

Mark passion for photography started when he was a young teenager and this passion has evolved over 40 years behind the lens. He’s developed the skills as an experienced semi-professional photographer to produce unique works that are considered amongst peers as fine art. His corporate understanding of the world and business acumen provides him the ability to leverage commercial success to a photography business.  Mark is currently rated a Bronze Master photographer in the Photographic Society of South Africa. 


Photography promises to become a celebrative collaboration of photography, photographers and artists.  A home to showcasing fine art, magnificent limited edition photographic pieces, sports photography and bringing beautiful African wildlife imagery into the living areas of homes across the world.


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  • Celebration of Photography
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